OnlyTik App Latest Version For Android (Free Download)

Social media has become a part of everyone’s life and most of us spend most of our free time scrolling through content on these platforms. Over the years, the content on social media platforms has evolved from simple posts to long videos and now it’s the trend of short videos.

Major platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have supported this short video format for content creation. One such application that supports short video formats is OnlyTik. Here, you can watch 18+ short videos for free.

Platforms like TikTok don’t allow you to post or watch adult content on their platform and hence, where you like to watch or create adult content, OnlyTik is the app for you. Download the latest Only Tik APK file from here and start watching 18+ short videos on your mobile!

What Is Onlytik?

Onlytik app is an entertainment application where you can post or watch 18+ content just like TikTok 18+. It is a less saturated platform and hence, creators have more chances to go viral with just a few videos.

The interface of this application is almost the same as TikTok, hence, you can easily navigate through and get used to the platform. On the platform, you will find different creators and you can also sort the content as per the creator. For those, looking for a good alternative for TikTok 18+, OnlyTik is a great application. You may also find your favorite TikTok star on the Only Tik app.

Moreover, the best part about Onlytik is that you can watch all the content for free and don’t have to even register to watch videos. For creators, you will find a creative toolset where different tools are provided to help you edit and upload your videos.

Features Of Onlytik Apk

Free platform, complete security, and advanced algorithms, OnlyTik has a lot to offer to its users. Here, let’s discuss all the features of the Onlytik apk in detail.

18+ Short Video Content

On the Onlytik app, short video content is highly supported. Creators from all over the world can create short-form video content and go viral in less time than on the application with saturated space. Other than this, you can watch unlimited content on the website and interact with other people by commenting and sharing videos in community groups. Apart from videos, creators can also go live on the platform and talk to their audience.

Personalized Recommendations

Like TikTok, Instagram, or any other entertainment apps, OnlyTik also uses sophisticated algorithms to ensure that you come across the type of content you wish to watch. Based on your preferences, watch history, and search history on the application, the algorithm will sort your feed and only relevant videos will be displayed.

HD Video Quality

Another good thing about the Onlytik app is that you get videos in high quality only. The app supports high-quality videos ensuring that both user and creator can have a good viewing experience on the app. To help creators upload videos in high quality, there are different tools available that they can use to edit their videos.

Free To Use

One thing that attracts everyone about Onlytik is that the platform is completely free to use. As of now, you do not have to pay for any kind of subscription, fees, or hidden charges to view content on the app.

Engagement Features

Rather than just scrolling through the videos, you can now engage with the audience and creators on the platform. You may also find different communities on the platform where people share videos and chat with each other. You can join such communities, follow your favorite creators, take part in live chats, and comment on favorite videos to have an overall interactive experience on the platform.

18+ Audience Platform

Onlytik is specifically designed for audiences above 18 years of age, ensuring mature content and audience on the platform. However, if you are under 18 years of age, we will not recommend you use the platform. For those who are over 18 years of age, download Onlytik today from here.

No Registration Required

One thing that puts the users at ease is that they do not have to register on the platform. All you have to do is to download Only Tik app, install it and you can start watching.

Onlytik App Download And Installation Process: Step-By-Step Explained

Now that you know everything about Onlytik apk, here are the steps that you have to follow to download and install the app on your device. Ensure to follow all the steps properly to ensure you face no errors while installing the application.


  • Go to the “settings’’ application on your device.
  • Then, go to the security/privacy option depending on the Android version.
  • Find the option for “install apps from unknown sources” and click on it.
  • Enable the option to allow installing apps from a third-party source.
  • Now, click on the Onlytik app download option provided here.
  • Wait for the file to download.
  • Once downloaded, ensure that your device has enough storage to run the application.
  • When done, click on the downloaded file and start installing.
  • If the warning to download from unknown sources appears on the screen, click on allow.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • On completion, you can start using the app.

Benefits Of Downloading Only Tik Apk

Onlytik apk is not only easy to use but holds other significant advantages over other applications to watch 18+ content. Here is a list of all the reasons why you must download Onlytik app on your device.

  • From short videos to live streaming, you will get content in all formats on the Onlytik app.
  • You can interact with creators and other audiences in comments and direct messages which generates a sense of community on the application. In these communities, you can also share videos if you want.
  • The application is developed for 18+ audience only, so, you will find mature content on the app for free.
  • Since Onlytik is new, the creator space is not yet saturated. So, those creators who want to go viral have more chances of getting the required exposure on the Onlytik app.
  • The app is free to use. You can watch all the premium content for free unlimited.
  • Onlytik apk is compatible with all the latest Android versions.
  • Another major benefit of downloading Onlytik is that the app has no restrictions or strict policies when it comes to content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Onlytik app?

Onlytik app is an entertainment application where you can watch adult content in short video formats. Creators from all over the world can create 18+ videos on this platform, go viral, and earn some money. On the other hand, viewers get to watch content for free.

Is the Onlytik apk safe?

It is important to understand that Onlytik is a third-party application that you can download from a third-party website only. Therefore, we highly recommend you to download the file from a trusted source like us to avoid any viruses attacking your device.

Can I download Onlytik on iOS?

Unfortunately, Onlytik app is available only for Android for now.

Why should I download the Onlytik app?

Onlytik gives you access to 18+ content at your fingertips and that too for free. The application has a very simple and easy-to-navigate interface that anyone who has used TikTok. Moreover, the application is regularly updated to add security and features for a better user experience.

Can I download Only Tik app from Playstore?

No, Onlytik APK is not available on Playstore. You can download the application only from a third-party website.

Is the Onlytik app free?

For now, the application is free to use. You can watch the content for free without paying for any kind of subscription.

How to download Only Tik app?

To download Only Tik app, click on the download button given above. Enable the option to allow downloading applications from a third-party source on your device. Click on the downloaded file and start the installation process.

I am below 18 years old. Can I use OnlyTik?

Since the application features mature content, we do not recommend audiences below 18 years to download the app.


OnlyTik is an entertainment application and a great alternative to applications like TikTok 18+. You can watch 18+ content for free on the platform and even without registration.

Like TikTok, your feed will be sorted with the type of content you like to watch or based on your preferences. You can also follow a certain creator, and interact with them and other audiences in the comment sections.

Apart from short videos, you can also watch live sessions from different creators. As a creator as well, you will get an advanced creator toolkit on the application that you can use to edit and upload your videos on the application only.

Please note that OnlyTik features mature content and therefore, we recommend audiences above 18+ years of age download and use the application.