How To Join TikTok Creator Fund: Everything You Need To Know

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms where creators can showcase their creativity and make money. After realizing that Creators are the soul of TikTok, developers launched a program named TikTok Creator Fund to reward creators for their creativity on the platform.

Even after so many years since this program was launched, creators are still confused about how they can make the most of this program and if it is worth joining. If you are one of those creators who are looking for ways to monetize their content, here is a detailed explanation of what TikTok creator fund is and how you can make the most out of it.

What Is TikTok Creator Fund?

TikTok creator fund was officially created by TikTok to support creators for the content they produce on the platform. As per TikTok, this fund was created to reward creators for the time and creativity they put into creating videos on the application. Same You Can Do This In Tiktok 18

The TikTok creator fund was initially announced in 2020 along with different videos about how this fund will work and explaining what it is.

Facts You Need To Know About TikTok Creator Fund

To understand more about the TikTok Creator fund, we have summed up some facts about it that you must know.

  • The fund was created in 2020 with an investment of approximately $200 million. However, now the platform’s goal is to increase this investment to more than $200 billion in the next three years.
  • The compensation offered and the eligibility depends on the metrics of the creator. This includes engagement, views, and likes on their posts.
  • The fund was set up to provide creators a source of income and help them make their career in TikTok only.
  • One of the key eligibility criteria for the TikTok Creator fund is to produce original and authentic content. At the same time, it supports TikTok’s aim to inspire joy and creativity.

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Eligibility Criteria For TikTok Creator Fund

As a creator, you need to fulfill the criteria to start earning from your videos through the TikTok creator fund. Here is the checklist:

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • Your account must have 10,000+ followers.
  • There must have been 100,000+ views on your videos in the past 30 days.
  • It is mandatory to follow all the rules and regulations set by the TikTok community.
  • You need to post original content regularly.

Other than this, you need to link your account to a digital payment method registered under your name to receive payments.

How To Join TikTok Creator Fund?

The process to join the TikTok creator fund is quite simple. Follow the instructions mentioned below to join the program without any errors:

  • On the TikTok application, go to your profile.
  • Click on the hamburger icon available on the right side of your screen.
  • In this menu, click on the “creators tool’’ option.
  • Now, choose the creator fund option. Verify that you are above 18 years old.
  • Read the terms and conditions properly and agree to the same.

Now, all you have to do is wait for TikTok to review your application. Within 30 days, TikTok will revert you if they have accepted your application or not. In case your application gets rejected, you can apply again after 30 days.

Pros and Cons Of TikTok Creator Fund

So, by now you are aware of what is TikTok Creator fund and how you can enrol in it. If you are wondering whether to enrol in the TikTok Creator Fund or not, we have come up with the pros and cons of enrolling in the program.


  • Simply, you get to pay for the content that you were creating for free.
  • Joining the TikTok Creator Fund does not affect engagement and views on your videos.
  • You can also opt out of the program when you don’t want to be a part of it.
  • Unlike collaborations, you can produce the content that you want. There are no restrictions to your creativity.


  • Some creators reported low payouts from the program.
  • When it comes to payment, there is some inconsistency as there is no particular tool to calculate the payment that you will receive every month.

 How To Withdraw Money From TikTok Creator Fund?

We hope that you have qualified TikTok Creator Fund criteria. If you want to withdraw money from your TikTok account, here are all the steps you need to follow:

  • On the TikTok application, go to the profile tab.
  • In the profile tab, go to the creator tools option.
  • Click on the TikTok Creator Fund option.
  • On your dashboard, click on the three dots present in the right corner of the screen.

Note that you can withdraw a minimum of $10, 30 days past the month you have accrued the funds. You can withdraw it using your preferred method.


We would surely recommend you enroll in the TikTok Creator Fund if you qualify for it. It is a great way to earn money from videos that you are creating for free.

However, the amount you will get for creating videos is not ascertained and completely depends on the engagement and views you get on your videos.

One thing you need to note about the TikTok Creator Fund is that the program is discontinued in regions like the United Kingdom, Germany, The United States, and France.

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